About this bookshelf

This bookshelf is a running list of the books I've read since I started tracking my reading in 2009-ish. When available, I've also included any notes or highlights I captured as I was reading.

Made by Kyle Johnston

Design notes


This project is an extension of my 'everything I read this year' posts (2020, 2019, 2018). The end of year posts were a lot of work, so I created this website to save time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and maintain a real-time view of my reading journey. I was inspired by projects like,, and Highlights.


The colorful navigation bar is inspired by book spine design. On large screens, the vertical orientation emphasizes this concept.


The headline font – Roboto Flex – is a variable font that enables the ultra-compressed look of the title on book detail pages. Read more about its extensive features or get it from Google Fonts.

The inspiration for the headline typography came from a classic Herman Miller ad

Headline Test

Design inspiration: Herman Miller ad


Astro – a fun framework for building fast websites

Figma for concept design – Figma file

GitHub for tracking changes and triggering builds

Netlify for hosting with automated builds from GitHub commits

Tailwind CSS for styling

Visual Studio for coding